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We are at the onset of yet another holiday season

New Year from Executive Office TampaWell, here we are at the onset of yet another holiday season.

The turkey is eaten and the leftovers have probably appeared in every new possible recipe one can create or find online.

So, now we are on the downslope to Christmas. I say “downslope” because I’ve been seeing Christmas decorations everywhere since Halloween!!! If it weren’t for the big Thanksgiving dinners and grocery special store ads, I think if Iblinked it would have passed me right by.

It seems as though we are breezing through the holidays faster and faster with each year that passes. They come and go almost without thought of their true meaning. By the time the actual day arrives, we’ve been inundated with ads, specials, sales and hype, we can often lose some of the celebration exitement.

My only saving grace is to approach the holidays at MY pace, trying not to get caught up in the commercialism, and concentrate on the important parts of the season. Family, fellowship, love and hope come to mind. Especially in the difficult times we are experiencing, these become my priorities.

I also find that my gift giving thoughts are heading in a more traditional direction, too. Homemade gifts have been my primary searches on line and there are so many ways to individualize gifts. For instance, do a family gift basket so that they can all enjoy your choice and remember you while they’re indulging. Such as a Christmas morning breakfast basket filled with everything they need to cozy up to a warm home cooked meal. There are so many options. Maybe a large decorative mixing bowl filled with pancake mix, a few flavored syrups and jellies,New Year from HodUSA muffins, cocoa mix, some coffees, a mixing spoon and they’re on their way. Even a basket with spaghetti or lasagna fixins, a bottle of wine and some glasses would be welcome. Have a movie buff in the family? How about putting together a video, popcorn, a variety of old-time movie candies, and a couple of sodas for a nice quiet evening at the old homestead?

Once you start, the possibilities are endless and can only grow from there. Even if you still want your friends and families to be able to tear into a gift… consider knitting a holiday scarf (the easiest think on earth), take one of your favorite pics of them and photo shop them into a festive or funny holiday scene, or get everyone a silly pair of holiday socks.

No matter how you chose to celebrate or what you do, make it safe and happy!


Tampa Bay is the Way

Tampa Executive Office SpaceTampa Bay is a well-known area and often visited by internationals from all over the world. It’s chosen for vacations, events, meetings and so much more because of it’s appeal and location. Tampa International Airport is the hub of many travelers. It has been priviledged to host everything from Super Bowls to Political Conventions. Just to name a few, downtown Tampa touts Ybor City for the night-life, the famous Columbia Restaurant (since 1905), and if you fancy an after dinner, hand-rolled cigar, go right next door to Gonzalez y Martinez Cigar Factory  is the place to go.

You can get to so many other well known attractions from Tampa. There’s the ever popular Clearwater Beach where many of our college youth make their way for Spring Break. Aside from the youth attraction, everyone can take advantage of the star rated restaurants, lounges and shops. Not to short change Clearwater, even a little bit, it has become star-struck with Winter, the dolphin, starring in “Dolphin Tale” and becoming a famous Hollywood star. She continues to call the Clearwater Aquarium her home.

Just a road trip to the east will put you in touch with Mickey and friends at Disney in Orlando. Orlando, like any other areas lead to more attractions and possibilities.

Florida is truly the Sunshine State when it comes to weather, but it can also relate to the “sunny” feeling you get when vacationing, exploring or visiting the endless areas of interest throughout the entire state. From Pensacola to the Keys and everything in-between, you are sure to find your ideal spot or island escape. Locals are more than accomodating when it comes to showing you where they go to enjoy the fun, food, entertainment and “Old Florida” flair if you tire of the commercial, touristy attraction.

You are never too far from sun, fun and sand. A day at the beach means so much more than sunbathing. There’s usually kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, parasailing or windsurfing rentals nearby, just to mention a few.

Let your imagination run free like sandpipers along the surf! Come on down! Florida’s waiting!