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Better Days Ahead

Clearwater Executive office
Spring has sprung! As the weather gets better and better many of us are finding it more and more difficult to drag ourselves into the workplace every day. Play? Work? Hmmm, I know the answer to those questions is very different when it comes to getting me motivated out the door at times.
We are all aware that we need to work to be able to ultimately play in the many recreational offerings in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay areas. There are so many times we look outside our executive office or conference center windows and long for the outdoors. Those of us that are able to utilize the luxury and freedom that a virtual satellite office option offers have more of an opportunity to play when meetings can be scheduled within our time frames.
In either situation, the Tampa Bay area is an ideal place to conduct any type of business. From the office suite executives to the landscape architects, and more, we should all find time to enjoy the weather and beauty that surrounds us. When the walls of your office, boardroom, warehouse, garage, restaurant or hotel start closing in, explore Clearwater, Tampa and more. Remember we work to live, not live to work, but if you have to…what better corner of our own little paradise to do it in?!

Back To School-Back To Work

The 4th of July has come and gone and we’re on the down swing of summer. With August just around the corner and the kids preparting to head back to school, we as executive working moms need to get back to the nitty gritty of the corporate grind.

The Virtual Offices which Hodusa Towers offered, worked perfectly for me when the kids were in elementary school. Now that the kids will be going to middle school, I will be leasing an Executive Office Suite also offered at Hodusa Towers, located at 28870 US 19 N, Clearwater, across from Macaroni Grill in Clearwater, FL.

The Conference Centers, where I hold all my meetings, come in three different sizes to suit anyone’s needs. The small room accomodates up to four people, the medium at six people and the large upto ten people. The Conference Rooms are also available for rent as a stand alone service by the hour. Hodusa Towers is centrally located in Pinellas County and easily accessible, even from Tampa Bay.

Executive Ammenities they offer:

  • Complimentary Gourmet Coffee, Tea and Cold Filtered Water
  • Full Reception Service
  • Janitorial Services
  • Free Parking and Convenient Vistor Parking area
  • 24/7 Access to the Building
  • Mail & Data Room
  • Kitchen with Microwave and Refrigerator
  • Conference Rooms
  • On-Site Management with Administrative Support Team
  • Postage Available

Joining the Hodusa Towers Family is the best decision I’ve made!

Contact them for an Executive Suite, Office/Retail Space, Conference Center and Virtual Office




Executive Office Parties for St. Pat’s Day

There are many parties celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day! The holiday gives Tampa office workers yet another reason to gather after hours. (as if they need one)  Executive office personnel are reputably known for their office parties. They have been the subject of many movies,  jokes and even Broadway plays.

What better way to melt away the weekly stress of the office environment and board room. Whether you occupy office space, utilize a conference center or work from home and do the virtual office; everyone needsto find an outlet. So when a holiday presents itself as another opportunity or excuse to cut loose, throw off those ties and heels and go for it.

Tampa Bay, Clearwater and surrounding metro areas offer some of the most sought after executive spaces. Buildings for sale or lease offer many amenities and options for the corporate executive staff as well as the entrprenurial sole proprietor just getting his shingle hung out for his new business venture.

At home workers that just are not in a position to take advantage of the office suite lease, can still be a virtual office space client and join their genre at the local St. Pat’s Day parties, too. No one would even know that their office dress code is jammies, sweats, shorts & tees. Or even that their coffee break may be taking place pool side in the backyard. Lucky Duck!!! Now, now cut them some slack…I’m sure their stress levels rise too! Especially when they can’t find their flip-flops to go out for the morning paper or walk the dog!

Bottom line is no matter what your situation is, take advantage of the green beer, corned beef and cabbage at the local pub with your fellow “Irishmen”! Share ideas, tell someong about the great office suite locale & deal you found, hints and tips to help one another cope with the additional stresses  the world and economy has laid on our plates, and know that we can all sail the same rocky boat a little easier after a few hours of comradery. And don’t forget to partake moderately in those green beers!

Enjoy and stay safe!

Valentine’s Day

This is it…time for hearts and flowers! Make space in your busy day to tell your sweetie you want to get out of the office and meet for a romantic lunch. Don’t forget to create a virtual image that will make your invitation irresistible.

Meet at their favorite place and bring along some Valentine type goodies to dress up your table before they arrive. Sprinkle some red glitter hearts and message candies and don’t forget the card. This preview can continue throughout the rest of the day with a romantic call, text or email for an invite to dinner.

Make sure you keep up the Valentine atmosphere when choosing one of the many fine, intimate restaurants Tampa Bay has to offer. You might want to include some dancing or a sunset walk on one of the many awesome beaches. Sit together, dance or draw hearts in the sand to top of the perfect day. Everyone loves to be fussed over and doted on. This is your day, treat each other special, re-discover why you were drawn to one another and why you still feel like teenagers on their first date.

We experience wonderful things once we realize the value of personal time outside of the hectic rat race we get caught up in more often than not. Remember, we work to live, not live to work! Everything else will fall in line when we set our sights on our individual prize. If  you can be happy in life, your “everyday” becomes less stressful and your outlook changes on how you deal with the everything else. Happy in love, family and friends…Happy in life.

We know thinking outside of the box presents new and exciting opportunities. Maybe thinking outside of the executive board room will present new and exciting things in” other rooms”. ;) winking

Live, Love and take a big bite out of Life! Feel it,Taste it and Enjoy it with your special someone! :x lovestruck



Retail Space for Lease in Tampa and Clearwater

An office is an architectural and design phenomenon and a social phenomenon, whether it is a small office such as a bench in the corner of a “Mom and Popshop” of extremely small size  through entire floors of buildings up to and including massive buildings dedicated entirely to one company. In modern terms an office usually refers to the location where executives are employed.

Current economic events have made it almost impossible for businesses of any kind to thrive. The days of owning one’s own building has fallen by the wayside for who knows how long, with no positive outlook in the near future.

That’s where leasing becomes a viable, affordable option for these striving businesses. Leasing space often takes the added concern of ownership out of the mix and allows the business owner to concentrate on becoming profitable. Once settled in an ideal location, so many businesses opt out of the need  to own their own facilities.

A majority of lessors will offer a build-out option and do the interior construction for you. Many will also give the lessee the option to do their own construction which opens the door to creating the optimum space suited for their individual needs.

Even home-based businesses have branched out searching for leasing options. What was once considered a cost saving idea, has turned into a security, cost and privacy issue. Who wants strangers trapsing in and out of their homes? The executive office not only offers privacy and security, it opens other opportunities in many venues: i.e. executive conference rooms for larger or more intimate meetings, data rooms with copiers and fax machines, (again a cost-saving option  of purchasing their own), many offer complimentary beverages, and perhaps even a friendly and cordial reception service to welcome for the lessee and their guests.

When one is finds the ideal building and location, they soon come to find that executive office buildings can present other positive opportunities. Maybe some interaction with other lessees can bring forth networking their businesses, getting referrals and, in some cases,  an exchange of services which bring back the old bartering practices. Before you know it, you have found yourself in a “business family” environment where new friends and associates abound! Word of mouth then becomes, and still is a powerful marketing tool.

Please contact Executive Office Space Tampa if you have any questions in regards to executive and retail office space in Tampa and Clearwater FL