Affordable Office Solutions at Hodusa Towers in Clearwater Florida

Eeecutive_Office_Space_ClearwaterThe Hodusa Towers Executive Office Building is a Professional Leasing Facility designed to offer and accommodate the executive that needs a little bit of everything.

The Hodusa Towers Executive Office Building is a Professional Leasing Facility designed to offer and accommodate the executive that needs a little bit of everything.

Located right on US 19 in Clearwater , Florida, Hodusa Towers offers suites of all sizes as well as virtual office ability. We are centrally located and easily accessible from Tampa and all surrounding areas. Hodusa meets and exceeds the needs of the business man or woman when it comes to amenities and leasing rates. Our rental price includes all taxes and utilities, there are no hidden costs. Our leases are month to month so if the need for a change arises there is no long term commitment. Continue reading Affordable Office Solutions at Hodusa Towers in Clearwater Florida

Better Days Ahead

Clearwater Executive office
Spring has sprung! As the weather gets better and better many of us are finding it more and more difficult to drag ourselves into the workplace every day. Play? Work? Hmmm, I know the answer to those questions is very different when it comes to getting me motivated out the door at times.
We are all aware that we need to work to be able to ultimately play in the many recreational offerings in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay areas. There are so many times we look outside our executive office or conference center windows and long for the outdoors. Those of us that are able to utilize the luxury and freedom that a virtual satellite office option offers have more of an opportunity to play when meetings can be scheduled within our time frames.
In either situation, the Tampa Bay area is an ideal place to conduct any type of business. From the office suite executives to the landscape architects, and more, we should all find time to enjoy the weather and beauty that surrounds us. When the walls of your office, boardroom, warehouse, garage, restaurant or hotel start closing in, explore Clearwater, Tampa and more. Remember we work to live, not live to work, but if you have to…what better corner of our own little paradise to do it in?!


Clearwater office space Yea! The news is finally pointing to economic recovery in many areas. The housing market is showing its first price gains in many years. Businesses are once again creating jobs. Unemployment is finally decreasing. Yes, we have a long way to go, but the signs are all there that things are improving and will continue to improve.

Do you need executive office space for your new business or to expand on your existing business? We have the perfect solution for any small business in the Clearwater-Tampa Bay area of Florida. Hodusa Towers in Clearwater, Florida is conveniently located right on US Highway 19N. We are easily accessible from Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tarpon Springs, and in fact from just about anywhere in the Tampa Bay area.

Located just north of the Countryside/Westfield Mall, your clients will easily find us. We offer executive office suites in a variety of sizes and prices to fit your needs. Our prices are all inclusive so there are no hidden fees. We have wireless internet included in our leasing rates. The only thing you will need is your choice of phone service. We provide a phone service with reception services for a small monthly fee. Continue reading THE ECONOMY SPRINGS BACK

Is it Spring yet???

Office Space in Clearwater Even though we’ve been experiencing an unusually mild Florida winter, it’s still been a bit cool for those of us long-term residents with thin blood. I think we’re all ready for Spring because it means that summer is not far off. We may find ourselves staying indoors, working a little harder and longer in our Tampa executive suites only because it’s too cold to enjoy our surrounding attractions.

Virtual offices afford us to stay in our comfortable living rooms or home office spaces except to take a quick car ride to the building address to pick up mail or conduct a meeting in the conference room. This too shall pass as the warm weather returns and gives us a reason to take a “mental health” day to enjoy our Tampa & Clearwater fun and sun.

Tourists and spring breakers get a taste of our area, we feast on it a majority of the year. So why not get out of the offices, boardrooms, conference rooms and executive cold, concrete and steel surroundings and take in the sun and surf for a while. Who could blame you, you live in paradise. After all, we work to live, but those of us that may live to work at least we try to find an office that will be a pleasure to go to everyday, like Hodusa Towers Executive Suites in Clearwater. They offer a list of the most sought-after, inclusive amenities in the area with comparable pricing. Stop in for a tour and see what I mean. The receptionists are there to assist you and you may even get a fresh brewed cup of coffee from them. Their ready for your visit at 28870 US Hwy 19N, Suite 300 in Clearwater, FL 33761 or give them a call for more information, 727-799-1555.

Happy Spring…start pulling out the shorts and sandals!

Skating into Spring

Executive Office in ClearwaterAs winter draws on, there is the hope that Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction will be correct and an early spring is around the corner. The next few weeks offer several enjoyable occasions  like Valentine’s Day , Mardi Gras and St Patrick’s Day but the remaining days  take on a much slower pace than the recently ended holiday season or the soon to be upon us spring break craziness. This is a great time to get your new business plans up and running or your expansion plans implemented.  If you are a professional, entrepreneur, small business owner or just need to get out of your home office,you may want to consider a new executive office.

Hodusa Towers, which is located in Clearwater Florida, offers suites of all sizes as well as virtual or satellite office options. We are centrally located and easily accessible from Tampa and all surrounding reas. Hodusa meets and exceeds the needs of the business man or woman when it comes to amenities and rates. Our rental price includes all taxes and utilities, there are no hidden costs.

We offer twenty-four hour a day access to our facility. Some of the amenities we provide include , a clean and functional kitchen with fresh coffee  and filtered water for your convenience , a mail center with a fax/copy/email machine, 3 executive conference rooms with phones,  wireless internet, friendly & professional receptionists to greet your guests and clients and janitorial services.

Hodusa Towers offers convenient month-to-month leases, because we recognize your business needs are constantly evolving and subject to change. So if you are thinking about making a change give us a call or come by and let
us show you around.

New Year 2013 – New Beginnings

New Year from Executive Office TampaNew Year has always put us in mind of resolutions and changes in our lives. Most resolutions have a tendency to fall by the wayside for lack of commitment or reality.

With the election behind us and a new promise of moving forward, perhaps Americans can see a glimmer of their future also moving in a forward direction. Small businesses and entrepreneurs may be looking to take the first step in a professional direction by seeking the services of a local conference center for their meetings instead of the kitchen table or family room.

Virtual/satellite offices can be a nice start, also. They offer an office building address and meeting facility to create a business forum without the overhead. For those that absolutely have to get out of the basement, mother-in-law’s room or garage and join the executive office arena, Hodusa Towers in Clearwater is centrally located and easily accessible from many surrounding Tampa Bay areas.

We offer a variety of amenities that are included in all rents along with utilities which are kept on all day, every day. You have exclusive access to your office and common areas 24/7. We have a diverse tenancy which opens vast opportunity to network. You can also expect a level of professionalism from our friendly and courteous reception staff. They will make you and your clients and guests feel very welcome.

Visit our website and come take a tour to see for yourself. We look forward to showing off our new decor!

Happy Thanksgiving From Executive Office Space Tampa

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and as I think about all the things that I need to do I am reminding myself of the reason for this most American of holidays.
Being thankful

My reasons for being thankful are plentiful but there is one reason that stands above the rest for without it the other blessings would not be possible. We here in The United States of America have freedom in the true sense of the word. Because of the sacrifice of so many young men and women and their families we have the right to vote for anyone we choose, to read and write our opinions whether popular or not, to express who we are with reckless abandon and pursue any line of work out heart desires. We may not all agree but we have earned the right to disagree. Let us all celebrate the things that are right about this country, let’s build this country back up to the greatness it has earned through the blood and sweat of our forefathers. There is no greater country on this planet and I personally am thankful to be a citizen of the United States of America.

If it is time for your small business or office to grow or make a change, now is a great time at Hodusa Towers.  Here at Hodusa Towers we offer many amenities for our Executive Suite holders, as well as offering virtual / satellite options for your privacy, safety and convenience. We offer several sizes of conference rooms to accommodate our clients and as well hourly rentals to anyone needing a conference room in the Tampa Bay or Clearwater area. Our conference center offers copy, scanning, fax and e mail access. Free wireless internet is provided. The kitchen has hot coffee and cold filtered water all day and is available 24 hours a day. Many of our tenants network with our other tenants and it helps foster a friendly environment to help you achieve your goals. We are conveniently located off of US 19 in Clearwater easily reached from any direction. Come by and check us out. We will be happy to show you around.

Fall at Hodusa Towers

Executive Office Space in Tampa FLAs we close in on fall and the end of a hot and humid summer, we in the Tampa Bay area are coming up on what I like to think of as our Fall Fun Season. While most of the country prepares for the onslaught of cold, sleet, snow and high utility bills we are blessed with the best nature has to offer as well as the opportunities to enjoy it. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, warm days and cool nights, wine and cheese festivals, Oktoberfest and pumpkin beer, church bazaars and street carnivals, the tourists are gone and our beaches once again become a welcoming place of space and solace.

Perhaps it is time for your small business or office to also make a change for the better. Here at Hodusa Towers we offer many amenities for our Executive Suite holders, as well as offering virtual / satellite options for your privacy, safety and convenience. We offer several sizes of conference rooms to accommodate our clients and as well hourly rentals to anyone needing a conference room in the Tampa Bay or Clearwater area. Our conference center offers copy, scanning, fax and e mail access. Free wireless internet is provided. The kitchen has hot coffee and cold filtered water all day and is available 24 hours a day. Most important we consider our tenants family and strive to help you achieve your goals. We are conveniently located off of US 19 in Clearwater easily reached from any direction.

So while you are enjoying the best Southwest Florida has to offer, swing by and check out our suites or call us and we will be happy to show you around and show you how Hodusa Towers can assist you as your business grows.

Back To School-Back To Work

The 4th of July has come and gone and we’re on the down swing of summer. With August just around the corner and the kids preparting to head back to school, we as executive working moms need to get back to the nitty gritty of the corporate grind.

The Virtual Offices which Hodusa Towers offered, worked perfectly for me when the kids were in elementary school. Now that the kids will be going to middle school, I will be leasing an Executive Office Suite also offered at Hodusa Towers, located at 28870 US 19 N, Clearwater, across from Macaroni Grill in Clearwater, FL.

The Conference Centers, where I hold all my meetings, come in three different sizes to suit anyone’s needs. The small room accomodates up to four people, the medium at six people and the large upto ten people. The Conference Rooms are also available for rent as a stand alone service by the hour. Hodusa Towers is centrally located in Pinellas County and easily accessible, even from Tampa Bay.

Executive Ammenities they offer:

  • Complimentary Gourmet Coffee, Tea and Cold Filtered Water
  • Full Reception Service
  • Janitorial Services
  • Free Parking and Convenient Vistor Parking area
  • 24/7 Access to the Building
  • Mail & Data Room
  • Kitchen with Microwave and Refrigerator
  • Conference Rooms
  • On-Site Management with Administrative Support Team
  • Postage Available

Joining the Hodusa Towers Family is the best decision I’ve made!

Contact them for an Executive Suite, Office/Retail Space, Conference Center and Virtual Office




4th of July

4th of July is just around the corner and I like to look at it like a “liberation” from the daily executive decisions, office politics and conference room litigation, too. The Tampa/Clearwater, FL area has unlimited possibilities to help you forget all those daily grinds

Independence Day has given us so much. It is because of this freedom that we have come so far to be independent in our personal and business lives. We now enjoy the virtual reality of a future without boundaries and pass this along to our children. Teach them that getting out of the office, factory, fields, and executive office suites, is just as important as ensuring our freedoms.

Whether it’s freedom of speech, thought or action, we earned those rights and must maintain. It is this that has made our country strong and given the small businessman the opportunities to strive. Everyone from the history of our past, present and our future will continue to stretch their business and entreprenureal “wings” like the eagle of freedom and keep this country strong and prosperous.