Is it Spring yet???

Office Space in Clearwater Even though we’ve been experiencing an unusually mild Florida winter, it’s still been a bit cool for those of us long-term residents with thin blood. I think we’re all ready for Spring because it means that summer is not far off. We may find ourselves staying indoors, working a little harder and longer in our Tampa executive suites only because it’s too cold to enjoy our surrounding attractions.

Virtual offices afford us to stay in our comfortable living rooms or home office spaces except to take a quick car ride to the building address to pick up mail or conduct a meeting in the conference room. This too shall pass as the warm weather returns and gives us a reason to take a “mental health” day to enjoy our Tampa & Clearwater fun and sun.

Tourists and spring breakers get a taste of our area, we feast on it a majority of the year. So why not get out of the offices, boardrooms, conference rooms and executive cold, concrete and steel surroundings and take in the sun and surf for a while. Who could blame you, you live in paradise. After all, we work to live, but those of us that may live to work at least we try to find an office that will be a pleasure to go to everyday, like Hodusa Towers Executive Suites in Clearwater. They offer a list of the most sought-after, inclusive amenities in the area with comparable pricing. Stop in for a tour and see what I mean. The receptionists are there to assist you and you may even get a fresh brewed cup of coffee from them. Their ready for your visit at 28870 US Hwy 19N, Suite 300 in Clearwater, FL 33761 or give them a call for more information, 727-799-1555.

Happy Spring…start pulling out the shorts and sandals!

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