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Valentine’s Day

This is it…time for hearts and flowers! Make space in your busy day to tell your sweetie you want to get out of the office and meet for a romantic lunch. Don’t forget to create a virtual image that will make your invitation irresistible.

Meet at their favorite place and bring along some Valentine type goodies to dress up your table before they arrive. Sprinkle some red glitter hearts and message candies and don’t forget the card. This preview can continue throughout the rest of the day with a romantic call, text or email for an invite to dinner.

Make sure you keep up the Valentine atmosphere when choosing one of the many fine, intimate restaurants Tampa Bay has to offer. You might want to include some dancing or a sunset walk on one of the many awesome beaches. Sit together, dance or draw hearts in the sand to top of the perfect day. Everyone loves to be fussed over and doted on. This is your day, treat each other special, re-discover why you were drawn to one another and why you still feel like teenagers on their first date.

We experience wonderful things once we realize the value of personal time outside of the hectic rat race we get caught up in more often than not. Remember, we work to live, not live to work! Everything else will fall in line when we set our sights on our individual prize. If  you can be happy in life, your “everyday” becomes less stressful and your outlook changes on how you deal with the everything else. Happy in love, family and friends…Happy in life.

We know thinking outside of the box presents new and exciting opportunities. Maybe thinking outside of the executive board room will present new and exciting things in” other rooms”. ;) winking

Live, Love and take a big bite out of Life! Feel it,Taste it and Enjoy it with your special someone! :x lovestruck