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New Year, New Outlook

The new year marks the end of┬áholiday celebrations and the onset of new beginnings. Whether it’s resolutions, goals, personal or business, we all have ventures and avenues we want to explore.

We look ahead with anticipation and glimmers of perhaps just a little bit better jobs, economy and fortune. We all want to believe that each day, week, month and year will bring us back to the strength and status this America is known for. We do our best to stay positive and keep looking ahead. In the back of our minds we hold on to our beliefs that we are the most powerful nation and the “land of milk and honey”.

I don’t know about you, but I would like to taste of some milk and honey instead of the bitter after-taste of a failing economy, a waning job market, and the domino effect that comes along with it.

These are downers and ambition breakers and I, personally choose not to buy into them. I choose to believe that as great and mighty as we are, we need to be united in our goals and move forward in our pursuit of solutions to our short-comings.

“The People” have always come together and come out stronger that ever when faced with adversity. When we put our heads together and work for a common goal, we will prevail. Maybe it means taking a few steps back to times before all new technology took precedence over our lives. The basics of helping one another, paying it forward in the smallest ways and giving each other a hand through bartering and charitable acts need to become important again.

It could be the smallest of gestures that lead to an infectious outbreak of kindness and helpfulness.

It may not solve the big problems, but it will help us remember what’s most important.

Make all the resolutions you want, break them in a couple of weeks and move on. Or…resolve not to make any resolutions except to be the best you, you can be and excel everytime!